Women Empowerment


  1. Self Help Groups
  2. Credit Linkages
  3. Skill trainings
  4. Entrepreneurs Development Training
  5. Marketing Networking
  6. Reproductive & Health Trainings for Young Girls
  7. Educational Sponsorships
  8. Leadership Trainings
  9. Legal Aid for Women
  10. Health Camps

Why do we do this Service?

There are 2.3 million separated and abandoned women in India. That number is huge; approximately two times the number of divorced women as per the last Census. There is a tribe of Indian husbands who have moved abroad and left behind their wives never to return. But this group of women who have created terror in the hearts of such runaways, wherever they might be.

Empowerment of women is a necessity for the very development of a society, since it enhances both the quality and the quantity of human resources available for development. ... Women's empowerment and achieving gender equality is essential for our society to ensure the sustainable development of the country.

Do you know that according to the World Bank, women account for 66% of the world’s working hours but only 10% of the world income?

Do you know that women produce 50% of the world’s food yet possess only 1% of it’s wealth?

And of the 900 million adults worldwide who cannot read or write, about two thirds are women!?

A women's sense of self-worth; their right to have and to determine choices; their right to have access to opportunities and resources; their right to have the power to control their own lives, both within and outside the home; and their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just social change to create a more just social and economic order, nationally and internationally...

There fore we are now in thinking and trying

1. To grant all women access to their basic needs

2.To empower women to strive through education and employment with equal opportunities.

3. To break down gender stereotypes, inequality and violence against women.