Health Protection

  1. To collaborate with other medical facilities working in the area to ensure conservation of resources and as wide Public Health coverage as possible.
  2. To promote greater cooperation between voluntary and Government Health Agencies by undertaking joint coverage for community health work.
  3. To maintain contact with State and other health agencies for free medical facilities services of community.
  4. To represent voluntary health groups in conferring with statewide organizations relating in one way or another to health work and workers.
  5. To present the views of voluntary health workers to legislative bodies, governmental units and regulatory agencies.
  6. To conduct seminars, workshops and conferences for health personnel and related group
  7. To carryout medical relief, disaster risk reduction including rehabilitation work at the time of disaster, emergency and as per need.
  8. To improve better health of community people by linkage development and livelihood promotion, to promote livelihood for better health of women and child, to work for better health services strengthening delivery system through community monitoring and other means, to work for reducing life style disorders.
  9. To work for elimination of Communicable diseases, vector borne disease etc., to work for protecting...