The visions of Sakya Sangha to create a New India through New Indians (Children) by protected Rights, respected Dignity, honored Society of Children

Covid-19 Awareness Program

Working with Grater Chennai Corporation and SISWO in creating awareness and support services for Treatment. COVID-19 is spreading in your community, stay safe by taking some simple precautions, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning your hands, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. We are working for slum people

Our organization has been engaged in slum development activities among the slum population in 133 and 137 divisions of Kodambakkam zone in Greater Chennai Corporation. There are about 25000 population available in these divisions. Among the target community we have selected 300 children and conducted various competition such as drawing, eloquent singing, quiz competition etc. All the activities and competition are targeted awareness and prevention of Covid 19. We also produced and released the awareness songs about the Covid 19. The songs were launched by the Zonal officer Mr.Jai Bheem and other officials of the Greater Chennai Corporation.

Our Main Funds for Children’s Home

Our main source of funds that SAKYA SANGHA depends on are the donations from philanthropic public . Public contribution in cash and kind helps us in meeting the day to day needs. SAKYA SANGHA does not receive any government funding or foreign grants. We are trying to work independently and to implement our programs and projects effectively.


Since its beginning 16 years ago, SAKYA SANGHA has demonstrated that each of us contributing to the degree we can in our own unique way can accomplish amazing things. Even today, more than 85% of the funds SAKYA SANGHA raises come from individual donors. “Whatever you do will make a difference to a child’s life and to your own.”

SAKYA SANGHA is committed to the highest levels of management of all its resources. Through systematic monitoring and evaluation SAKYA SANGHA seeks ongoing improvement of the quality of its projects. In addition, SAKYA SANGHA has systematic financial audits each year of all its projects and maintains a high level of accountability to its sponsors and donors. Total transparency in transactions with our supporters is the norm.

Further, any donor is free to visit our facilities and see the impact of how their donation is making a change in the lives of children and other residents.


We receive actually 50% of Total funds only but other 50% of funds are managed by SAKYA SANGHA management team. Therefore every month struggling for Rent, E.B bill and Salary For Staff.