About Us

SAKYA SANGHA is a registered Non-Governmental and Non-Profitable social work organization established in 1993 by Loyola College social work Students during field work in Chennai slums as volunteers. As youth as well as students who felt worry about slums children, abonded women and youth in Chennai. Because of Socio and Economical backwardness and unemployment the Chennai slum people and growing children are being psychologically affected even they are not aware of how they are being affected. Therefore these Loyola college students joined together and formed as a volunteer committee so as to change this environment. But this SAKYA SANGHA was registered in 2005 after tsunami affected, due to tsunami so many people affected but this volunteer team selected the Children who were abandoned by Government and Non Governmental services in Tamil Nadu Coastal villages and Started Hostel for Tsunami Affected Children in 2006. Later this Sakya Sangha Youth Team started Night Schools, Library, Sports Clubs, Yoga and Meditation for Children and Formed Women SHGs and Youth SHGs for Empowering them presently multi-services are going on …….in few backward districts in Tamil Nadu.

We are dedicated to advancing the rights of all girls and boys in Backward Districts of Tamil Nadu, especially the most disadvantaged.

We work across Tamil Nadu to save children’s lives, help them fulfill their potential and defend their rights.


The visions of Sakya Sangha to create a New India through New Indians (Children) by protected Rights, respected Dignity, honored Society of Children


The mission is to work for promoting the Deprived and Homeless Children who in need for psychological, economical, educational and Health wise supports. By motivating the children for seeking resolution through individuals and collective action thereby enabling children to realize their full potential